‘True North’ Festival Tea Party

We were really excited to hear about a fun event the ‘True North’ festival happening in our own backyard on the first weekend of March. There will be lots of great things happening down at Edwardes Park lake and on the main streets of Broadway and Edwardes St. We couldn’t resist joining in! Its going to be a big party in Reservoir with films, food and fun, fun fun!

Our contribution of course relates to food. We will be hosting a magnificent tea party in the backstage of the cafe at the Marchant Ave Laneway. It will be similar to other tea parties we hosted in 2012, however we want the whole neighbourhood to come. There will be a lot more people!

This event is inspired by the Back stage of the circus. Ever wanted to know what happens before the ring master enters the big top and after the red curtain closes? This will be like no other circus you have seen before! Take a peek into circus trailers, feast on cupcakes and other delicious delights and be entertained by local performers. There are fun times ahead!

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