Lady Bower loves Strawberries

We have been taking advantage of the abundance of beautiful berries coming from the Yarra Valley this time of year. We made blackberry and cumquat trifle for Christmas (our cumquat jam left over from last year) and a strawberry and almond tart for new year, but mostly we have eaten a lot of berries fresh on big red fruit platters…why are red fruits so much better?

Walking through Preston market on Saturday around 3pm we saw loads of boxes being sold for pocket change and just couldn’t resist buying a few.

We made a traditional strawberry jam and then added a couple of extra flavours to subsequent batches. The inspiration came from a blog developed by a couple of friends in Tasmania called Island Menu…we love their amazing photography and unique take on Tasmanian landscape.

To this recipe we added a couple of flavoursome bits

Batch 1 – a vanilla pod, sliced in half, seeds out

Batch 2 – exchanged the water for sherry vinegar (it really brings out the flavour of the berries and you cant even taste the vinegar)

Batch 3 – a tsp of dried thyme