Lady Bower Picnic Packs

A customer recently asked us what we would be doing if the cafe was closed for the long weekend? (we are open regular hours 8-4 every day including Monday next week.)

It is a really easy question to answer. We would be walking down to our local park with a delicious packed lunch. We would be armed with books and ipods and journals that haven’t been written in for months. We would have sunscreen and hats and we would eat cupcakes.
This weekend we are going to make it just as easy for you by providing a picnic pack to take to a park nearby. We have a few blankets, glasses and pretty plates you can borrow if you want to go all out.
The pack includes half a chicken and avocado sandwich, rhubarb cupcake and ice tea for $10.
We are taking email bookings if you would like to pick up your pack at a certain time, otherwise just call or turn up and we will organise it for you.
GE Robinson Park is one of our local favourites.